The CENTSS Advantage

It makes good CENTSS to put great student services online! Effectively implemented student services are a critical component of student retention, engagement, and satisfaction. The Center for Transforming Student Services provides unique access to strategies and knowledge building designed to help you blend the power of technology with the personal attention of traditional support services. CENTSS offers the following advantages:

  • Builds awareness about the needs of all students for access to support services
  • Fosters the development of new, integrated services designed from the student’s point of view
  • Helps institutions redesign services to better address the needs of today’s student population
  • Helps the field establish benchmarks for effective electronic student services
  • Helps institutions unite their services for on- and off-campus students
  • Saves institutions time and effort in designing new services
  • Helps identify models of electronic services best offered by the individual institution and those better provided by their academic system
  • Highlights the need for new software to support student service functions or for improvements to existing software

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