CENTSS Overview

The centerpiece of CENTSS is the Online Student Services Audit – a one-of-a-kind online audit of 31 student service areas. The CENTSS Online Student Services Audit provides a systematic, data-driven means to help institutions assess their e-student services by examining 31 core student service areas, covering five student services “suites,” including Student Communities, Communications, Administrative, Personal Services, and Academic Services.

31 Student Service Audits

The Audit Tool comprises two major components - the 31 individual audits that respondents will be asked to complete and the reporting function. Use the navigation bar at the top to view more information about:

  • Audit Structure - learn more about how the audit is structured
  • Audit Process - step-by-step overview of the audit process
  • Audit Reporting - learn more about the online audit reports, including what types of audit reports are generated and how to interpret the data