Audit Process

A best practice method of administering the audit and reviewing audit reports can be described as follows:

  1. A primary account manager is identified for the entire audit set.
  2. The CENTSS Audit is made up of five core audit areas. The primary account manager identifies individual audit leaders - individuals who represent a core audit area (e.g., Academic Services Suite). View Audit Suites Video
  3. Audit leaders invite respondents to the audit those leaders represent using the built-in invitation system. We recommend five or more respondents (including the audit leader) in order to obtain enough data for discussion. View Invitation System Video
  4. Respondents are usually given a timeframe (1 month or more) to complete the audit. View Audit Overview Video
  5. The primary account manager reviews the audit responses via the CENTSS Online Student Services Audit reports, identifying areas for discussion within the audit groups. View Reports Overview Video
  6. In reviewing the responses, the primary account manager has a number of tools at their disposal to evaluate these results. The comparison tool enables side-by-side comparison of the current audit results against past audits or the entire CENTSS database. View Comparison Tool Video
  7. Because audit results are averages, it is helpful to determine exactly how components of your service are being delivered now. The audit baseline tool supports this process. View Baseline Tool Video
  8. Student input can be a valuable component to this planning process. The student survey tool offers the ability to map student responses against audit results. View Student Survey Tool Video
  9. The primary account manager and/or the audit leaders meet with the audit respondents and review data obtained from the audits. Discussion will include areas where responses are in wide disagreement, where generational scores are much higher or lower than comparative data, or where respondents simply need more clarification. Comparison data and student survey results also can be informative in this discussion. The Hot Spot tool is useful at this point to flag areas for further discussion/action. View Hot Spot Tool Video