Audit Reporting

The CENTSS Online Student Services Audit reports offer interactive access to respondent data and support those involved with improving the quality of online student services by providing a quick, at-a-glance review of your data using bar charts, pie charts, and tabular controls. Rollover action reveals supportive information.

These interactive reports support data-drill down, problem identification and cataloging, printing and data export, and data comparison.

  • Drill down to more granular views of the data
  • Identify problem areas quickly using a "Hot Spots" feature.
  • Establish an agreed-upon baseline of how the service is being delivered now.
  • See who has participated in each service audit.
  • Support multiple rounds of audit respondents up to and including focus group testing with students.
  • Map student feedback against audit results.
  • Print reports directly or export and save them as Excel or PDF files.
  • Keep a history of previous audits for comparison purposes.
  • Compare the individual institution’s results to results from peer institutions.

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